Online Certified True Copies (Hong Kong)

Finish in 3 minutes at your place

By Chartered Secretary and Chartered Governance Professional

By UK Chartered Accountant

Member of The Hong Kong Charted Secretary and Chartered Governance Institute

Life Member of the Chartered Accountants of England and Wales

HKD85 per signature. Minimum fee: HKD170

Please whatsapp: +852 93018025 (Mr Fong)/ WeChat: jacobfong26



“Note: All banks in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Government fully recognise Hong Kong Company Secretary's Certified True Copies.”

All personal information obtained will be kept strictly confidential and will not be released to any other parties according to Hong Kong Privacy Laws









每個簽名港幣 85 元。最低費用:HKD170

請whatsapp: +852 93018025 (Mr Fong)/微信: jacobfong26 (方生)




所有在過程中收集到的客戶資料會嚴格遵守香港私隱條例受保護着, 絕對不會向任何第三方泄漏.




(1) Please whatsapp/WeChat(WeChat ID: jacobfong26) or email the documents to +852 93018025 or and state the purpose of the certified true copies.

(2) Make a WhatsApp/ Wechat video conferencing meeting appointment.

(3) During the meeting, please hold the documents in person and show all sides of the documents very clearly.

(4) Please hold your HKID card or passport clearly.

(5) Done. It takes about 5 minutes. Certified true copy documents will be sent to you by SF Express. Delivery fee is HKD60 (less than 1 KG)

(6) It will arrive your address on the next day or at most within 2 days.

(7) One price, 2 certified true copy stamps (2 sets, both UK and Hong Kong)

(8) You will get the soft copies immediately.



(1) 請將文件whatsapp或微信(微信号: jacobfong26) 或電郵至+852 並註明核證副本的用途。

(2) 進行 WhatsApp 或 微信視頻會議會議預約。

(3) 會議期間,請本人手持文件,並將文件的各個面都清楚地展示出來。

(4) 請拿着你的香港身份證或護照清楚展示。

(5) 完成。全過程大約需要 5 分鐘。經核證的副本文件將通過順豐快遞發送給您。送貨費為HKD60(少於1KG)

(6) 它會在第二天或最多2天內到達您的地址。

(7) 一個價錢, 兩個(兩份)核証章(英國及香港)

(8) 你可即時先獲得電子版本